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At first instance, please contact the Complaints Department on 01133200658 and we will try and resolve your complaint by telephone. If we cannot resolve your complaint by telephone you can make a formal complaint in writing to:

Debt Freedom Scotland>
Complaints Department
Third Floor,
Adelphi Mill,
Grimshaw Lane,
SK10 5JB

or you can e-mail your complaint to:>

How Debt Freedom Scotland> Limited will deal with your complaint...

We aim to resolve your complaint as soon as possible. Sometimes things take a little more time. Please find below the process that Debt Freedom Scotland> will adhere to respond to your query.

Within 5 Working Days of Receipt of Your Complaint You Will Receive From Us...

An acknowledgement letter to let you know that your complaint is being dealt with and to provide you with contact details of the person dealing with it.

Within 4 Weeks You Will Receive From Us...

If the complaint is still being investigated 4 weeks after receipt, we are obliged to send you a further response to let you know what is happening. This letter should detail either:

• The reasons why more time is required to investigate your response and how long it will be before you should expect to receive a final response (within a maximum of another 4 weeks).


• The final response from us. This will include the findings from our investigation and details of any compensation we have concluded is payable to you (if appropriate).

Within 8 Weeks You Will Receive From Us...

Within 8 weeks of receiving your complaint we are obliged to have fully investigated it and provide you with the details of our findings and details of any compensation that we think you would be due - in other words our final response. Hopefully this would be a mutually satisfactory response and the matter will be concluded. However, if you are not satisfied with our final response, you have the right to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) within 6 months of the date of that letter. This is free of charge and details of how to do this are set out below. In addition we will provide you with a leaflet when we send our final response detailing how to compliant to FOS.

We will maintain contact with you throughout the complaints process, and during this period, feel free to contact the Complaints Department on 01133200658 if you have any queries.

Financial Ombudsman Service

If you are not satisfied with our final response, you may be eligible to refer the matter to FOS. This is free of charge. To make a complaint to FOS please contact:
Financial Ombudsman Service
South Quay Plaza
183 Marsh Wall
E14 9SR
Phone: 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9 123

Your Rights

We hope that you will accept the decision of our Complaints Department. If this should not be the case, you remain free at all times to seek independent advice.